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You CAN Still Go On Holiday & Prep!!

Like most people, I was nervous about the idea of travelling whilst on prep however, this year I made the decision to go on the ski holiday I had previously booked before I started competing. At the time I went I was around 10 & 11 weeks out from my first show and had already lost a good amount of weight leading up to it. However, this didn’t mean we were to take our foot off the gas as we couldn’t allow myself to regress and make the rest of prep significantly harder.

I discussed my plans with Rob my coach and we decided I would have a de-load from the gym as skiing is very physical and taxing on the body. I checked out the facilities I would have available at the ski resort and planned my week away. I took all supplements I needed in zip lock bags labelled within my suitcase, and on the day of travel I prepped my food for my hand luggage.

First point of call on arrival was to find the nearest supermarket and buy and prep my food for the week ahead. This was easy to do and meant I could take food out with me on the slopes rather than eating out. The only thing I did differently was structure my carb meal to be had before going out for the day so I could feel fuller for longer and was well fuelled.

I prioritised stopping for fluids and taking supplements throughout the week to help with aches and pains I may of incurred through long days skiing. I checked in with my coach every other day to monitor changes and I noticed I held inflammation in my lower body due to the physical nature of skiing. To help with recovery and aches and pains I would use the sauna and steam room daily after skiing as we had this luxury fortunately within our accommodation.

Expenditure was high throughout the days with plenty of steps and a lot of cardio. Despite this my body was inflamed and I knew I needed to prioritise recovery on return home and immediately had my monthly sports massage, acupuncture and cupping which helped released a lot of tension meaning I could train to my optimum following my week away.

Unfortunately on my return home I soon became very ill and had to sacrifice time in the gym to fully recover. This at first was a set back and really knocked my confidence with regards to moving forward with prep. Rob stayed in close contact with me on the daily checking how I was and making sure we didn’t push until fully recovered. This is a risk with going away is that you may return ill however this could of happened to me also had I not of gone - it was just an unfortunate circumstance to be in at 8 & 9 weeks out.

We are now four weeks post holiday and weight has come down nicely and daily changes are happening. I am now preparing for my next trip in 8 days where I will be flying to Dubai to train for a week. Once again, plans have been put in place with my coach with regards to training and cardio days to allow myself for feel prepared but also structuring my rest efficiently.

I have already scoped out the nearest super gym, we have a small gym with cardio equipment within our apartment complex and we are 2 minutes from a supermarket. My main focus is to train hard but also rest and recover on days planned to avoid burn out running into my upcoming shows. Zip lock bags are at the ready with to pack supplements and I’m so excited to experience prep in another country surrounded by like minded people. Remaining hydrated is key in the heat so prioritising replacing electrolytes is top of the list as well as my recovery massage which is booked for my arrival home.

Don’t allow prep put you off travel just be prepared to sacrifice the normal occasions you’d do away such as eating out and drinking and allow it to be a break to refocus and nail the goal ahead. Stay in close contact with your coach checking in daily if needed and be prepared with what to take.

Zoe xx

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