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2022 will mark my return to stage. The first & last time I graced the IFBB Pro stage was my Pro Debut in November 2020 and from there I took the decision to put all my energy into growing more muscle. The step up from amateur bikini into Pro bikini is insane. You have to step up in every aspect; muscle, posing, symmetry, stage presence.

I spent the whole of 2021 and will now spend the first half of 2022 working on creating more muscle to bring the best and most improved look i can to the stage at the end of this year. Whilst there have been set backs, such as my back injury, i can hand on heart say i have really given my best effort to this year and a half of improvement phase and i am so excited to begin prep again to see just how much i have actually developed.

So the plans for 2022…

January through to May we will continue to push and get the most out of the last few months of improvement season. At present we are in a calorie deficit as i have some big plans coming up such as my best friend’s hen parties and wedding, where I am a bridesmaid, so it's pretty much my duty to be in tip top shape for those events. Once those have past we will start to prep in May. The plan is to have as long as possible to prep because slow and steady really does win the race. I don’t want to look haggard by the time i step on stage so doing this years’ prep as slow as possible will really help bring the best look. Overall my prep will likely be around 18-20 weeks long meaning my competitive season will start in October 2022 and run through until November 2022.

The rough plan is as follows:

11 September - Italy

24 September - UK, Arnolds

9 October - Italy

6 November - Spain

12 November - Romania

I will likely end my season in November dependant on how we have done in the preceding shows. Whilst of course the goal is the Olympia, which is always the driving force behind all of my preps, my absolute non negotiable goal this year is to break the top 10. I have done so much work this past year and a half that this is absolutely realistic. It is so important to have smaller goals that lead up to your bigger goal, along the way. Once i’ve brokers top 10, then it will be to break top 3 and then the Olympia invite will be even more so in reach!

I am excited, nervous and just overall absolutely buzzing to get back on stage after such a long improvement season. I guarantee that the person who steps on stage in September 2022 will not even be vaguely similar to the girl who made her Pro debut in 2020.

Stay tuned!

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