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Prep Mindset: Are you telling yourself it's hard?

Prep has finally started, I am more than ready to see my new package after such a successful off-season, 5 months of continuously pushing in the improvement stage with TeamLRF.

I had a zoom call with my coach Rob to discuss my game plan for 2022 which was amazing, time is literally flying around.

Making the first changes on my plan, keeping steps at 8k, cardio at 10 minutes post workout but cutting my calories. You need to have a strong mind-set when changes are being made because I find dropping calories can have a placebo effect.

I never complain when Rob makes changes for me, even if it seems super hard, it’s a chance to get better, nobody is making you do this sport so it’s a privilege that I can do it. I always get super excited when he makes changes because it means I’m another step closer to achieving my goal.

I see a lot of people complain when their coach drops their calories, their first thought is always ‘wow I’m going to be starving’ when in reality, food is still at a decent amount. So, going in with that mind-set, guess what? You’ll start feeling hungry!

I’ve had my calories dropped by quite a lot which at first, I thought I would really struggle, but having a good mind-set you sort of leave the negativity there and think of the positives which really drives me.

Now that I’m nearly 2 weeks in, my weight is coming down nicely, cardio is still only at 10 minutes, still eating nearly 3000 calories and steps increased slightly. Still so many variables to play with so I’m happy with this.

The difference from the start of this prep to the start of my previous prep is unbelievable, my body composition has totally changed.

Working with TeamLRF for over a year continuously has been amazing, I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today without Rob!

My training has never been so good, with my strength flying. Just because calories get dropped doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trying to progress every week!

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