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Posing Can Make Or Break Your Placing!

Updated: Apr 20, 2023


There has always been a lot of focus on posing and presentation and is probably highlighted more now than ever before and rightly so. But why? Getting your posing right or wrong can literally be the difference between placing 1st or 4th, it really can make or break a physique. Why go through all of that hard work of dieting for 12-16 weeks, along with the training and all the expense that comes along with competing for you not to show off your hard work as well as you could do.

When it comes to show day you have enough to worry about. Getting to the venue on time, registration, tan, shorts, trunks, bikini, food, water, pumping up, trying to stay calm. The last thing you want to be thinking about is posing correctly or the stress of getting a routine right.

I like to practise my posing all year round, no matter what condition I’m in. Wether it’s running through some basic mandatories or playing around with a little routine, it’s always good to have that mental rehearsal and visualisation of what you would want to do on the stage. I do this because certain poses recruit muscles in a way that just can’t be replicated by exercises in the gym so it’s vital for that muscular feedback on a regular basis. You’ll also find that you get different types of visual feedback in the mirror throughout your prep as you start to get leaner and certain body parts can be displayed much better as the show gets closer. By practicing presentation throughout prep also gives you the advantage of being able to tweak certain poses along the way as your body changes as opposed to leaving things till the last minute and rushing everything as the show approaches. By being prepared it also relaxes us on competition day. There’s no last minute routines to remember or mandatory poses to practice backstage. You’ve had it nailed for weeks and it just flows naturally when you step onto the stage. This also boosts confidence. If you can go onto that stage knowing exactly what it is you need to do to display your physique at it’s best then that confidence just oozes out of you and the crowd and judges can feel that. If two physiques are very similar in size and condition then it will come down to how well the two of you present yourselves.

For men’s physique I like to work on a 80% rule. Obviously in all aspects of competition we give everything 100% all the time but what I mean by this is that by working on my 80% rule, we have a confident smile but not to the point it’s cheesy. We tense and hold our poses but not to the point we’re squeezing every fibre like open bodybuilders need to and be creative with your presentation but not so that your dancing around the stage like a fitness competitor. Pick a pair of shorts that don’t clash with your tan and a pair that don’t look like you’re on a tropical holiday! So really what I mean is, give it everything but just hold it back a tiny bit for that perfect relaxed men’s physique look.

If I were to guide someone through the posing basics for men’s physique it would follow these bullet points

  • Smile at all times. First impressions count! Even from the very step out onto the stage you are being judged before even hitting a pose.

  • Stand front on to the judges, perhaps with a slight twist on the waist, place one hand on your hip and allow the other hand to flare you lat out.

  • Keep a simple transition from the front to back poses. Don’t be over elaborate with them as these aren’t judged.

  • From the back stand with feet shoulder with apart. Do not show a calf! These aren’t judged.

  • Row your arms back like you’re performing a seated row so you get a nice squeeze on the back and then open it up by flaring your elbows and lats out.

  • Lean back slightly to highlight the lower back and hold.

  • Return to the front again with a simple transition and return to the front pose whilst continuing to keep ab’s tight at all times.

This may sound very simple compared to some other classes but that is why it is so important to get these poses right. We only have two, we need to nail them! If you’re unsure how to pose or need a little coaching to really polish things off then it’s definitely worth the investment of a few sessions with a good posing coach. Watch how they present themselves and reach out to see if they can help you do the same, you won’t regret it!

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