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How to prepare for your first show.....

You’re ‘X’ amount of weeks out and the time between you and stepping on stage is getting closer and closer. At the moment you’re main focus is getting through each day, each training session alive and focusing on those daily non negotiables. As soon as prep starts I would highly recommend sitting down and making a list of everything you need to organise for the run up top your show in order to make prep as stress free as possible.

First you need to plan the shows you’re going to be competing in and pay for your entry, travel and possibly accommodation. For that time, I would advised booking accommodation in advance to avoid being caught by prices rising or rooms selling out. Try and look for somewhere that might have kitchen facilities or at least a kettle and a fridge for your prep meals. Alongside entering your show it is important to book your tan! Tan is something that will be judge on the day and can honestly make or break a look. Its important to comply with the federation rules of tan and have the appropriate colour applied because if you stand out for being too pale, too dark, or the wrong shade you could potentially stand out for the wrong reason and it could be distracting from the physique you’ve worked so hard on. Get Bronzed is the official tanning company used by 2Bros Pro and you can book this online in advance. I believe PCA also have an official tanning company who you can book with as well on their website.

Once your show is secured you need to organise your bikini fitting, which may be done online or I would highly recommend going to see whoever will be creating your stage suit in person. This for females is probably one of the most exciting parts of prep as you get to see your dream bikini come to life and try on samples to get a real feel of how it will be on the day. Black Ice Bikini is where I personally go and Mandie who owns it has many years experience and will guide and advise you on the appropriate style and colours for each federation.

Shoes and jewellery are also very important as it helps build your final show day look. Hopefully you already have shoes to practice in but I personally have a second pair, one for stage and one for practice. Its always worthwhile having a back up pair incase on show day one pair were to break. Different federations I believe have different rules on shoe height and style so make sure to check this before purchasing. Any questions with regards to shoes I would 100% go to Kompak and discuss with Jasmine who runs the online shop. Jasmine has all the experience with federation rules, shoe size, foot shape and will guide you to get the most comfortable shoes for stage.

Once shows are booked you might want to if possible to reschedule your work calendar. I personally like to have a few days off work running up to my shows to allow me to plan and prepare and most of all rest ahead of what will be a busy weekend. I would always recommend staying over the night before the show to settle into your accommodation and get you base coach of tan. No one wants to be rushing around the morning of their show travelling and ideally you want the whole weekend to be a smooth and stress free as possible.

Makeup for show day you can either do yourself if you are confident in your abilities or book with a makeup artist who will be at the event. I have in the past done both, at UK shows I have had my makeup done for me and abroad I did it myself. I personally prefer having my makeup done for me as it takes the pressure off myself and allows me to relax. I also know that my makeup artist will match my foundation to my tan properly and the makeup used will last all day. I don’t often wear makeup outside of competition days so my products are limited and I’m no Picasso when it comes to eye makeup. Once again federations will promote different makeup artists you can book directly through their pages however look online on instagram as there are so many and they can get booked up very quickly. Dannielle Spencer is my absolute go to makeup artist, she always makes me look flawless and she is so so lovely and always keeps me relaxed show day morning.

Hair is another make or break attribute to your look so please practice and perfect what style you are going for. The easiest and most of the time neatest looks to have is poker straight. Make sure your hair is freshly washed, good condition, off your face and not covering or hiding any part of your physique. I had very long hair in my first two shows and noticed in my rear back shot it sat too close to my glutes which hid my waist. I looked at the olympians and pro bikini girls and noticed that the majority didn’t have this and would have their hair either cut or curled to enable the waist and top of the glutes to be seen.

With the run up to your show you want to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible and is planned and prepared for in advance. Make you have your show day pack list and refer to this over and over again, take spares of most things just in case and take confirmation of all bookings for peace of mind. You want show day to be as enjoyable as possible and if everything is sorted before it will honestly be one of the most fun and exciting weekends of the year.

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