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Handling Post Arnolds Reverse Dieting & Plans For 2022!

Following competing at The Arnolds it was the aim to reverse out prior to going into an off season. This would be my first off season and an opportunity to build quality tissue ready to come back with an improved physique for competitions at the back end of 2022.

My reverse diet was received within less than 24 hours after stepping off stage and after 2 days enjoying downtime it was important for me to start the plan. Reversing out from my show was initially hard for me to get my head around as this was my first time doing so however with daily communication and check ins with Rob we established. I just needed to get back into routine and concentrate on completing the daily non-negotiable. It was important for me mentally to keep in my morning fasted cardio as this was a big part of my routine through prep and really helped me set up for the day.

Bloods were taken 10 weeks post show to check health markers after successfully regaining my cycle back 6 weeks post show. Bloods came back almost perfect and will be checked again prior to starting my next prep.

Strength has been increasing weekly and with he assistance of Team LRFs new form coach Simon, I’ve been able to get weekly feedback from form videos. This has enabled me to improve form and tempo prior to pushing weight up.

Food is currently at its highest at over 3.3k calories daily with steps at 8k daily and cardio at only 15mins five days a week.

Myself and Rob have sat down and made a rough plan of shows we are aiming for next year. The plan is to do one diet for these shows as apposed to dieting twice which I did this year. We have planned to bring glutes and delts up more for next season and continue to improve on posing in order to bring a completely undeniable package and be in the running for that prestigious pro card.

Zoe McIntosh x

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