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8 Weeks In & 8 Weeks Out!

I can’t believe that I have been with Team LRF for 8 weeks already! The weeks have flown by recently and I am nearly at the 8 week out mark already.

Today I wanted to discuss how my journey with Rob has been, how I have found adjusting to a new coach and an entirely new approach towards prep.

As I have explained in previous articles I made the choice to change coaches at the end of last season in November, the first few weeks Rob mainly wanted to focus on my reverse diet, this meant slowly pushing my calories up to try and get my body back to normal. After half a year of prep it was important to pay attention to getting my body to get back to a somewhat healthy state in order to have a better starting point for the next prep. Very quickly I was eating double the amount of calories that I was having on prep, my energy was high and I felt like I was back to normal! 4 weeks into my reverse diet phase with Rob we were lifting heavy again eating a lot of food and focussing on pushing hard before we go into a deficit.

Unfortunately after 6 weeks of working with Rob I caught Covid which was a slight setback. I had to take 10 days off training and my appetite was not great. Luckily I have now recovered and I am back to my normal self.

I am currently 8 weeks in with Team LRF and 8 weeks out from the Ben Weider Pro Qualifier. The entire 8 weeks I have received messages to check up on me EVERY day! The longest time I have waited for a reply has been 3 minutes and I genuinely feel like I have a coach who truly wants the best for me.

It is very strange to think that I am 8 weeks out and I don’t even feel like I’m on prep yet as I’m on double the amount of calories that I was on at this stage last prep and I have so much energy, this definitely wasn’t the case last prep at 8 weeks out.

Changing what you're used to is definitely scary, however when you see results without having to feel like death it makes you realise how much knowledge Rob has, especially when it comes to prepping bikini athletes.

All coaches have different approaches however only a few will genuinely care about each athlete and understand how to get the best results and nail it every time. I am so excited to see how I look on stage with Rob in my corner. My last show days were stressful and I was left to my own devices which we all know isn’t great on show day. However this show day I know that Rob will be there to make sure the day runs smoothly which will allow me to relax 100%.

I cannot wait!

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